CCTV Camera Colorview Technology

If you have a yard or some property, then it’s super important that you keep an eye on things and make sure everything is safe and sound. You don’t want any animals or intruders getting into your garage or shed, and if somebody tries to break in, you’ll catch them on camera. But the question is how you will keep a check at night time? Security360 is the latest CCTV Camera Technology, they are providing the best CCTV cameras.

Regular cameras with night vision have IR technology, where the lux level of 0.01 or 0.02. The IR cut filter present inside the cameras is turned on in low light situations or at night time, automatically which results in infrared light starting working. The turn-on infrared lights give black and white CCTV footage. Hence, many customers demand perfection in black and white images or colored images.

COLOUR VU CAMERA is Latest Camera Technology

Hikvision came up with color VU camera models which show colored CCTV camera images during the nighttime. These latest cameras have a lux level of 0.005 which helps to give colored images when there is low light. These cameras also have an LED bulb built inside their body which turns on and provides bright light to the room. The LED light can easily cover a 30–40 meter range area. This helps to gain a better-colored vision even in the darkness. Having colored CCTV camera footage can be very useful for identifying different objects. For example, if the cameras are installed in a parking garage, different colors of cars can be easily seen. Besides Hikvision, Dahua also makes full-color technology cameras. Hikvision is the Modern CCTV Camera Technology.


The name Starlight itself gives an idea of this new technology which helps to gain more benefits than a regular camera. During low-level light situations, the starlight camera performs the best. This technology camera sensor is designed to adapt to challenging lighting conditions as it has a lux level of 0.005. Hence, it gives the best-colored image clarity even in places where there is extreme low-level lighting. The better quality helps to easily identify human faces, car number plates, etc. The features make it better than the standard IR cameras. As the main purpose of installing CCTV cameras is to get quality footage and have a clear focus on important objects.

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Which model is better?

Starlight cameras are considered to be better as Colour VU cameras are only made to give colored images in the dark. The LED bulb present in the camera only gives a 30-meter range hence the camera will only work in that area. There is no IR cut filter and infrared light LED lights in color VU cameras. This will affect the camera picture quality during nighttime. Starlight cameras also have 0.005 LUX which makes it able to provide color images. However, these cameras have IR cut filter and IR LED which makes the sharpness and picture quality to increase. This does not happen with color VU cameras as the bulb of the camera has limitations and can only cover a certain area.

How to Install ColorVu Turret Camera

Color VU cameras are suggested to be installed at indoor places where a small area has to be covered. They are not recommended for outdoor as there is a large area that needs to be covered outside, where the small color VU bulb would not be able to give the best quality image. No doubt that it will provide color images but the sharpness and object identification will not be perfect. Hence it’s best to use colorvu camera hikvision cameras for homes, offices, rooms, kitchens, storerooms, etc. starlight camera is best for outdoor use as it can cover large areas and will give colored images with the best quality video footage even where night light is not good.

Writer: Shiza Imran

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