In today’s world CCTV cameras carry out a major role in operating our security systems. How to CCTV Camera Installation Guide Complete Process. Rather be it a household or office proper security camera system provides 24/7 safety if they are installed properly. There are a few basic components you need to consider while installing a CCTV camera. Security 360 is one of the best security company providing the services of installing CCTV Cameras.

CCTV Camera Installation Guide

Simple Stages to CCTV Installation Complete Guide.

Stage 1: Choose the right place camera area.
Stage 2: Correct Position and Angle.
Stage 3: Protect CCTV Camera Wires.
Stage 4: Power DVR.
Stage 5: Connect your Monitor to the DVR.
Stage 6: Program your DVR.

Selecting the right place to install security cameras.

Choosing the perfect spot for camera installation is very important. The CCTV camera installation team make sure to cover main entrances, gates, garages and pathways as they are the most common entryways for criminals. Installation spot are chosen, keeping in mind the view and lighting. Placing CCTV cameras in a bright place gives a clear video or image. CCTV cameras installed for commercial purposes are placed higher around 10 ft so that the cameras stay safe.

Choosing the correct position and angle.

CCTV camera installation is done considering the distance between the cameras and its subject. We avoid installing cameras in direct sunlight as they can be covered by glare which affects visibility. CCTV camera are mostly installed directing at a downward angle. If the CCTV camera set up is done to a wall or structure, we make sure that the cameras are fixed accurately.

How we manage and protect CCTV Camera wires

An important thing to consider while installing CCTV camera system is that how will they be powered. Usually for households, the installation process for cameras and wires are simple by fixing the wires into the wall or to the ceiling. However, offices and other buildings might need the use of conduit, for this we have professional CCTV camera installers. Who choose the best material and length of cables needed.

It is advised to take protective measures in order to safeguard CCTV camera cables as they can be damaged through water, heat, corrosion or the intruders might try to cut the wires. We can prevent this by covering the cables in sheaths, installing cables inside the walls or by painting cables according to their surroundings. All of this will ensure that your wires are properly protected.

Why is it better to hire a professional for CCTV Installation?

It can be challenging to install Security Cameras System by yourself especially when it requires cabling. CCTV camera systems can fail to provide install security cameras if they are wrongly installed.

In order to make sure that your CCTV camera system is placed for best possible functioning, it is best to hire a professional. Security 360 provides you with experts to make sure that your cameras are positioned at right angles so they can provide an effective security camera installation. Different Companies Cameras Install like as hikvision camera installation, Dahua CCTV Camera, Samsung, Sanyo like etc.

Writer: Shiza Imran

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