what are the 7 components of CCTV camera? Full HD Video Surveillance Cameras are the best option in professional environments such as neighborhood Communities, garages, car parks, patios, sports centers, hotels, gas stations, and supermarkets for anti-vandalism purposes. CCTV cameras are developed with a combination of different components.

Versatility of Surveillance Cameras

These anti-vandalism surveillance cameras are very versatile and the configuration possibilities they offer are endless, since they allow optics to be exchanged with different ranges and depths, include infrared LEDs for night vision, incorporate IP or analog cameras, with greater or lesser resolution, etc. Its features and characteristics can be tailored to the needs of the video surveillance installation. 

7 Components of CCTV Cameras

In the following, we explain in detail “what are the 7 components of CCTV Camera and what function each of its components fulfills within the set”.

1. VISOR: It is used so that unwanted light does not intervene in the image captured by the surveillance camera, in this way backlight is avoided and blind spots due to reflection are reduced.

2. IRIS: It is part of the optics and controls the light that enters the sensor. The iris can be manual or automatic. If it is automatic (auto iris) it adapts to the light of the stage in the same way that the human eye does, avoiding white or completely dark images. In addition, the new box cameras have a BLC and WDR (White Dynamic Range) backlight compensation system that illuminates the dark areas of the scene.

3. OPTICS: There are different types of optics that can be adapted to cameras depending on the characteristics of the sensor, iris opening, sensitivity, objectives (fixed, motorized zoom…), focal length… By being able to configure the camera with different optics, the field of view of the CCTV camera can be optimized.

4. BOX CAMERA: This type of video surveillance camera allows you to change the type of lens depending on the angle of vision and zoom that is needed. You can also change the box camera for others of higher quality or different technologies (IP surveillance camera for example), keeping the rest of the components.

5. ANTI-VANDAL PROTECTION: Protects the CCTV camera from any inclement weather such as snow, rain, hail… and shocks, it remains fixed capturing images of everything that happens. It is indicated for its operation outdoors.

6. POWER SUPPLY: Stabilizes the voltage safely, protecting the components of the camera in the event of an over the power supply.

7. INFRARED LEDs:  They have activated automatically when there is little light, allowing the video surveillance camera to record in the dark and in low light situations in black and white (0.01 lux). If necessary, a longer-range external infrared spotlight can be added to the security camera.

Writer: Shiza Imran

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