CCTV Camera on your Mobile

The security of our home is one of our main concerns but thanks to technology, we can calm our uncertainty when we’re away from home.

Have you ever wondered how to connect a CCTV Camera with mobile and how it works? Security360 is one of the best companies in Pakistan.

The surveillance cameras connect with mobile through the Internet. These connect to our home router and transmit the images they capture to our smartphone or tablet.

Simple Steps to Connect CCTV Camera with Mobile

The most effective method to CONNECT CCTV TO ANDROID OR iPhone?
Stage 2: Design CCTV DVR SETTINGS.
Stage 4: Associate DVR TO WIFI VIA LAN CABLE.
Stage 5: Actually, take a look at THE SETTINGS.

Things to consider before connecting with mobile or tablet?

IP surveillance cameras work through the internet, therefore we must have a good connection.

You must have a smartphone or tablet with a high-speed connection to access the images from anywhere.

An application that allows controlling and viewing the different cameras of the site.

You must install your IP cameras correctly to view the house from every angle.

Core steps to connect IP surveillance cameras with smartphone

We can access the images transmitted by the security camera of our house through a dedicated application. Usually, IP cameras come with their own app; configuring this type of app is quite simple.

You just need to download the app from Playstore or IOS store, install the app and simply connect with your hybrid cameras. If you want to have a good image and sound quality, you must have a good 4G or 5G connection. Simply use the app to connect CCTV camera with mobile.

Advantages of connecting security cameras with mobile

Having IP cameras at home can bring us a lot of advantages:

Mobile monitoring allows you to monitor your home and eliminates all concerns that may arise related to home security.

When thieves are aware of your home’s surveillance cameras and alarms, they may not even attempt to break in.

Upon detecting any suspicious activity on the site, we can notify the police.

It can also be useful to see how your children are doing while you are at work or shopping.

What’s better – IP Cameras?

CCTV cameras are much more expensive and their installation is more complex, but they have higher image reliability whereas IP cameras to view from the mobile are cheap and easy to install, and accessing their images is just as simple, but relies on the Internet connection.

In our recommendation, you opt for IP Surveillance Cameras, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you can see the status of your home at any time. Cheap, simple, and safe. 

If you want the best of each system, you can opt for hybrid surveillance cameras at Security-360. As a leading CCTV camera company, we’re making hybrid cameras accessible to everyone by offering exclusive prices and reliable services. Some of the apps of CCTV cameras have different cctv camera connect to mobile app.

Writer: Shiza Imran

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