To choose the right video surveillance system for you, you need to know “what should I look for when buying a security camera and pay attention to in the first place”. 

After all, the efficiency of the entire video surveillance system largely depends on the quality of video cameras. The main parameters and characteristics of CCTV cameras, on which the reliability and quality of their work depend:

  1. Camera Type: Analog or IP

The main difference between analog and IP cameras is the type of video signal. Analog cameras transmit the signal through television lines, displaying it directly on the monitor. Video recording from analog video surveillance cameras is carried out using a video recorder. 

Modern IP cameras transmit a digital signal consisting of hundreds of thousands of pixels. Converted video from IP cameras can be conveniently viewed on any computer via Web servers or Wi-Fi. You can record and save video from IP cameras using a DVR or save it on special servers on the Internet.

  1. Resolution and matrix size

The choice of a suitable resolution of CCTV Camera, first of all, depends on how clear and detailed the picture the customer wants to receive. Often, an analog camera with a resolution of 380 TVL is enough to organize video surveillance in a store or office. 

But for organizing high-quality video surveillance on the street, where it may be necessary to consider people’s faces or license plates of cars, a camera with a resolution of 600 TVL is better suited. 

Also, the size of the matrix of the surveillance camera is responsible for the image quality. The higher this indicator, the clearer and more legible the resulting video sequence will be.

  1. Chroma

It is worth remembering that black and white CCTV cameras always have a higher sensitivity, resolution and image clarity. However, they are often much cheaper than color surveillance cameras. 

Moreover, black and white cameras allow you to record video in infrared radiation, which is very important for night video surveillance systems. 

But more expensive color cameras also have their advantages, the main one being the ability to determine the color of an object, such as a car or clothing.

  1. Lens focal length

CCTV cameras with a small focal length, such as 2.8 mm, are suitable for monitoring small rooms where a maximum viewing angle and high detail of small objects are needed. Surveillance cameras with a focal length of at least 28.0 mm are better suited for monitoring the surrounding area, parking lots or other open spaces, which will provide good detail even for distant objects.

Nowadays, CCTV cameras are installed not only in commercial establishments, but also in ordinary entrances, courtyards and residential buildings. A well-thought-out video surveillance system, in which high-quality cameras are used, will ensure the safety of the protected object.

Writer: Shiza Imran

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