WIFI/Wireless CCTV Camera Features

With the rapid advancement in technology, world become smarter and smart gadgets and devices make our lives easy and comfortable. If we look at CCTV Cameras, they become smarter and effective than before. Now introduce WIFI CCTV cameras that are available and install can everywhere even portable and easy to use. They can provide you live on your mobile phone and you can monitor your home inside and out offers un-matched peace of mind knowing you can see your kids either inside or outside while you are away or in other part of the house.

Wireless CCTV Camera introduces to minimize installation time and easy to use. This smart product design to get rid of long cabling, DVR setting and placement and more important time consuming. It is just plug and play camera which is customer friendly and live view on mobile make it more effective. Till when living becomes expensive, both parents work to earn and fulfill their needs. In this scenario they have to leave children at home alone or with baby sitter who can look after them. But in this scenario, a lot of cases of child abuses, kidnapping and make children drug addict occurred. Moreover baby sitter doesn’t take care of children as well don’t provide food on time hit the children and also harassed them. To get rid of all these CCTV Cameras are best to protect children and watch them lively even on mobile.

Now even single WIFI CCTV Camera introduce for this purpose which is not fixed camera you can move it anywhere. WIFI CCTV Camera has option to plug and play it has also mobile app you can connect it with your mobile and operate it through mobile. It also has option of two way communication that you not only watch your children but also communicate with them.

WIFI Cloud Camera Basic Features

  • 720 to 1080p full HD Plug & Play Wi-Fi camera, which enables clear images that reveal smallest details with clarity
  • 360 degree pan and 85 degree tilt offered saves cost and trouble of installing multiple cameras for a space
  • Access footage of your home/ office round the clock from anywhere in the world on your phone
  • Connect to your local Wi-Fi simply select network, input password, and you are good to go.
  • WIFI Cube CCTV Camera for monitoring your home and office wirelessly. This camera work with cloud application which allow access you from anywhere in the world with active internet connection.
  • Talk to the person on the other side while you see, and stay connected round the clock
  • Watch live footage of your camera from anywhere, anytime is just a click away.
  • Other features which are supported remotely are; Pan/Tilt control, zoom in/out
  • It has in-build Micro SD Card slot for recording video on memory card. You can also record video directly in mobile with using cloud application.
  • Up to 128GB SD Card supported
  • Cloud application having all the setting to control your camera fully from mobile. You can schedule and format your memory card directly from mobile at any location.
  • This camera also useful for baby monitoring purpose at home.
  • WiFi cameras are easy to set up and can sit on a tabletop as long as you have access to power nearby.
  • WiFi cameras can be more affordable because they don’t require professional installation.
  • Footage from your camera is often backed up to the cloud so you can remotely view your cameras
  • Cameras can literally be picked up and moved, as long as there is a power point nearby; WiFi means they don’t need cables to transmit the data.

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