Importance of CCTV Cameras in Banking Sector

Importance of CCTV Cameras in Banking Sector

Banking sector is most reliable resource where we keep our money to make it safe. We consider it secure institution and it’s their job to keep our money safe. But as we see the biggest and popular robbery happen in banks no doubt banks try their best to maintain their security system for this purpose they hire security guards and install best security system in banks so in case of any emergency, they get rescue services as soon as possible. In order to fulfill this commitment, CCTV Camera surveillance systems are a necessity. With recent innovations in digital technology and IP surveillance, many banks are looking to increase the effectiveness of their security systems.

CCTV Camera Consideration by Bank

In order to protect bank with CCTV Cameras, first of all make a layout that where should install CCTV Cameras, which areas are more sensitive, which areas have to monitor closely etc.  This layout includes everything from entrance to exit, windows, interior, exterior, ATM and Cash counter.

The factors should be considered before installation of CCTV Cameras is followings:

  • Is there any current security cameras system place in bank to check that rather you want improvement on them or want to switch new technology
  • How to cover ATM Machine which is 24-hours in use?
  • CCTV Cameras and their DVR should have the features that bank connect them with Site Police through software so in case of any emergency Police get pop up notification or alert message.
  • Security cameras position on cash counter is very important moreover the CCTV Cameras install on cash counter have clear and sharp result with extra zooming option.
  • What security system planning in non-banking hours

Our Satisfied Customers in Banking Sector

Security360 is an established company which provides complete security solution. We provide not only security solution but our expert and technical team provide complete consultancy to customer related Security Cameras and give them solution after survey to maintain accuracy. That is why we have a lot of satisfied customers in Banking Sector include:

  • Allied Bank
  • Faisal Bank
  • National Bank
  • Bank Al-Falah
  • Al-Baraka Bank

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