CCTV Cameras in Transportation

A lot of people travel daily in different vehicles like buses, train, aero plane and ships and face a lot of problem there like harassment, vandalism, snatching, robbery etc. not only people but also container with huge stock have to travel daily and face a lot of robbery cases on their way. Government start project by the name of “Safe City” and cover the whole city along with roads, bus station, train station with CCTV Cameras and established a proper security room from where they monitor the whole city but it’s not enough. Through this roads can be monitored but inside story of buses and trains left hide.

Moreover our children who travel daily in school bus should be protected. Few years ago there is no any concept of CCTV Cameras in Transport In Pakistan but with the advancement and according to todays need, it become necessary to install CCTV Cameras in Transport for the protection of passengers.

As veteran security integrators we understand the common security threats within the transportation sector include petty crime, harassment, liability suits, and vandalism. We design solution in a way that makes traveling secure and threat free so people can travel in a safe and secure environment.

Function of CCTV Cameras in Transport

  • It reduce crime rate in vehicles and if occur then it helpful to identified criminal
  • Passenger feel secure in the presence of CCTV Cameras
  • Driver and passenger both behave well as they know they are captured by CCTV Cameras
  • CCTV Cameras monitored in Security room so in case of any incident, robbery, driver rash driving, dispute among driver and passenger can be monitored so authority can take action against them.
  • Reduce liability in case of passenger injuries.
  • Security Cameras in School bus give parents secure feelings and also school authority can monitor them.

Our Satisfied Customers in Transport Sector

Security360 is an established company which provides complete security solution. We provide not only security solution but our expert and technical team provide complete consultancy to customer related Security Cameras and give them solution after survey to maintain accuracy. That is why we have a lot of satisfied customers in Transport Sector include:

  • Metro Bus Service
  • Orange Train
  • APS Peshawar School Buses

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