Biometrics Time Attendance System

The days are gone when managers kept manual journals of employee time and attendance to calculate hours worked. These antiquated ways of measuring employee time and attendance do not have the ability to efficiently preventing buddy punching or time theft. Therefore, more companies are looking for a better solution to measure employee working hours and discovering that a biometric time clock offers a more secure alternative to manual timesheets.

In the busy scheduled working hours, workers and staff have no time to sign in attendance books. With the advent of technology, innovative things come across to the working environment. Most of the company sectors agree that attendance software is one of the most effective tools available for recording and analyzing employee time and attendance.

A biometric time and attendance system is the automated method of recognizing an employee based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. The most common biometrics feature used for employee identification is faces, fingerprints, finger veins and irises. When an employee attempts identification by their biological traits, a biometric hardware device compares the new scan to all available templates in order to find an exact match.

Benefits of Biometrics Time Attendance System

Biometric time clock captures and matches unique human biological traits to detect a person. Modern time and attendance system using biometrics for identification can be beneficial in a number of ways:

Prevent Buddy Punching: 

Buddy punching is an illegal act which causes millions of dollars in financial losses for companies each year. The practice of punching another employee in or out when they are not present can be easily prevented with biometric time clocks.

Eliminate Time theft: 

If every employee of your company wasted 20 minutes per day, it would cost you a large amount of work hours lost per year. However, you would not be able to calculate this metric and its impact on your bottom line if you monitor everything using antiquated methods of managing employees such as paper timesheets. Eliminate this problem forever by using a biometric time clock system.

Remote Job Monitoring: 

You can monitor employees who are working in remote places. The use of biometrics for employee time and attendance can also be facilitated by integration with internet or mobile devices.

Productivity Increases: 

Your old-fashioned time and attendance system would not allow accurate productivity tracking. Biometrics allows you to remove office time theft and decrease staffing overhead thereby raising employee productivity rates.


You may already know that biometric physiological attributes are unique for every employee and cannot be forged or duplicated. Therefore, you can accurately track employee time and attendance without a shadow of a doubt.

Job Satisfaction: 

When employees work extra hours but never receive extra privileges, this can damage employee morale. You can easily identify employees who deserve recognition by using biometric time clock data for accurate attendance data and reward them accordingly.

Online Attendance System:

With the latest advancement in technology, term of online attendance system introduce through which you can synchronize your device online with your laptop or even with your mobile to check the attendance of your staff. The device is web based and during installation, completes setting and configuration done so after that you just have to put your ID Password and check the attendance sheet of your employee. Moreover you check complete monthly report of employee along with calculation of hours, minutes and seconds.

Attendance Management System (AMS):

The Attendance Management Solution (AMS) is a cloud based facilitation tool for employers and employees, to track attendance, leaves, late comings, holidays, leave application, conveyance time and cost on daily/monthly basis. By simply downloading the AMS application on smartphone, employees can mark their attendance from anywhere, wherein their location and login time is captured using GPS. On the other hand employers can keep a track to regularity, attendance and punctuality of employees from anywhere anytime. Ready access to consolidated data of all employees with regard to their attendance, leaves and conveyance, in one place, help them generate efficiency reports and compute salaries with ease. AMS effectively plugs the loopholes of traditional tracking system and provides transparency to both the employer and employees.

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